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Welcome to the English Academy of Fluency

The world wants to listen to you speaking English. Let us hear your voice!

How to go smoothly through the whole conversation?

About me

Hi! I'm Joanna. I'm a Cambridge English tutor, English teacher, fluency coach, New York lover and an enthusiast who wants to help you become the most confident English speaker. I make a difference because I do care whether you make progress or not. We set off on this journey together.

The New Roadmap to Greater Fluency

My experience

I'm here to help you overcome the fear of speaking by changing your attitude to learning and more importantly, your habits and your mindset. You'll finally make your English fluency dream come true. Believe me, you won't want to stop chattering like hundreds of my happy students. 

Future Perfect Grammar Series

My mission

I'm so honored to work with excellent people who learn and grow in my academy. I make the most of my experience and creativity to pass on all the priceless knowledge to my students. I'm so grateful for all the successes we celebrate every day. So proud!

6 tested & proven steps to greater fluency

What contributes to my students' success?

 I feel so excited every time I can use my creativity, knowledge and experience to make you feel fulfilled and satisfied. What do you need to do? First of all, I'll show you how to plan every step, and then stick to the schedule. You'll change your habits and you'll love the whole process of teaching & learning. You'll learn and grow every day.


Goin the waitlist to my academy

Go ahead!

Once you become consistent, you will grow naturally. Start with only a few activities or tasks that are really essential. Once you achieve the first goal, you will expand and grow. Remember! One action triggers another, so optimize your time, eliminate distractions, plan your day and go ahead, like hundreds of my students.

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